Enchantments: Aasgard Pass, Isolation Lake, Perfection Lake and Prussik Peak. And lots of goats!

North Western Images - photos by Andy Porter

Perfection Lake Perfection Lake
I am not a very lucky person, in terms of winning stuff. I’ve never won any big sums of money in the the lottery or a car or any of that, but I have entered and won the Enchantments Lottery two years in a row! And really, that’s pretty damned good!

The Enchantments are a part of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, (which is itself a part of the Wenatchee National Forest) located near the town of Leavenworth, along Highway 2, in Washington State.
The Enchantments area is actually very small, making up maybe 10 square miles. Packed in to this wondrous world there are scads of small lakes and tarns of fantastic hues of blue and green surrounded by stark jagged peaks.

Autumn brings fantastic colors. Because of the high elevation of the Enchantments Basin (between 7,000 and 8,000 feet) there are dense stands of larch. These trees…

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