The Real Catholic Debate


Spanish_Galleon_Firing_its_CannonThe Church of the 1950s?

Rod Dreher’s post at The American ConservativeGhosts of Colson & Neuhaus, is exceptionally interesting.  It summarizes the discussions at a recent seminar hosted by First Things editor Rusty Reno, including both Catholics and non-Catholics, on the state of the culture, and more particularly on the state of the American Catholic Church.  Much of the focus was on the current generation of students.  There’s a lot here, but one issue stood out for me: the real debate within American Catholicism.

As one of the participants at the seminar argued, there really is not, despite the media, a major debate between “liberal” and “conservative” American Catholics.  There is indeed a political debate between liberals and conservatives, but it does not map on to any important debate within the American Church.  “Liberal” Catholics are Catholics on their way out the door.  Their children will…

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