The Lake Poets

The World according to Dina

The world has to be romanticized to find the natural meaning again
Die Welt muss romantisiert werden, so findet man den ursprünglichen Sinn wieder

Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg)

Novalis wrote this in his fragments, one of the literary forms the Romantic poets liked very much, because the essence of the Romantic is uncertainty as Oscar Wilde once said.
Novalis schrieb dies in seinen Fragmenten, eine der Lieblingsformen der deutschen Romantiker, denn “das Wesen der Romantik ist Ungewissheit”, wie Oscar Wilde es treffend ausdrückte.

Hanne Siebers_DSC_0171Today we abduct you into the world of the English romantic poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850), who, by the way, got very old for a Romantic (most of them died before they reached 30). The pictures are all taken from Wordsworth’s Georgian childhood home at Cockermouth/Lake District, which we visited with Dina and our Master last year. With Wordworth’s “Lyrical Ballads”, which he wrote together with Samuel Taylor…

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