Crab Fishing in Norfolk

The World according to Dina

Crab & Lobster
Krebsfang in Norfolk

Hanne Siebers_Crab07_kleinWhen we went to the beach with our dear Master and Dina yesterday, we Bookfayries immediately had to fly to a fine white boat on the shingle bank next to a rusty tractor and an old Land Rover. This promised an adventure. 

Als wir gestern mit Dina und Masterchen an den Strand gingen, flatterten wir Buchfeen ganz aufgeregt voraus, denn wir sahen schon vom weiten ein feines Boot, einen rostigen großen Trecker und einen wohl ebenso alten Land Rover. Das versprach Abenteuer.

Crab06_kleinOur friend, the warden, was loading proudly with his son and a neighbour his new boat with crab pots, to catch crab and lobster. Since the 18th c. about 15% of all crabs and lobster catches in England and Wales are from our coast. Edmund Burdell in his book “A Guide About Cromer” was the first one who described traditional crab fishing…

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