Mozaffari, “Forming National Identity in Iran”


This month, I.B. Tauris released Forming National Identity in Iran, by Ali Mozaffari (University of Western Australia). The publisher’s description follows:

Modern Iran is a country with two significant but competing discourses of national identity, one stemming from ancient pre-Islamic customs and mythology, the other from Islamic Shiite practices and beliefs. This has left an often confused notion of identity in Iran. Ali Mozaffari explores the complex processes involved in the formation of Iranian national identity, laying particular stress upon the importance of place to ideas of homeland and the creation of a collective national identity. He illustrates his arguments through an analysis of the ancient Achaemenid capital of Persepolis and the Shiite rituals of Moharram. In a concluding part, he extends his analysis to the Ancient Iran Museum and the Islamic Period Museum, housed in the National Museum of Iran. An important work that offers powerful insights into…

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’19 Kids & Counting’ Preview: Michelle & Anna Celebrate 3 Birthdays At Once

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On the April 20 episode of ’19 Kids & Counting,’ Michelle and Anna Duggar have three very special birthdays to celebrate. Mackynzie, Josie, and Jordyn are all the same age, and Michelle and Anna have a super fun day planned for the three of them. Click inside to WATCH!

Michelleand Anna Duggar sure know how to party! In this clip from 19 Kids & Counting, the two moms help three of the Duggar children celebrate their birthdays together.

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Kristen Stewart: Dark Eyeliner & Cornrows For Chanel — Love It?

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Kristen Stewart portrays an even darker, edgier version of herself for a new ad campaign for Chanel. Her look included heavy winged eyeliner and cornrows. Click below to watch the behind the scenes video of K-Stew that was released on April 29!

Kristen Stewart23, is the new face of Chanel and we’re super excited to see her sexy photos. Her edgy beauty was played up for the shoot with dramatically dark eyes and intense cornrows. Do you love or loathe this look? Vote below!

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