North by Northeast: A Winter Journey around the Baltic Sea

Wunderscapes Travel

I have to be honest – before booking my flight to Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia, I first needed to look them up on Google Maps to find out where they were.  However, it’s trips like these that usually make for the best memories because you have no preconceptions or expectations of the cities you are traveling to.  I decided to take a trip to these Baltic countries since I was able to find very cheap Ryanair flights from Bremen (about an hour from where I live in Germany) to Riga and back from Tallinn (around 50 euro round trip).  Also, from Tallinn, I took a ferry to Helsinki for 2 days which I couldn’t pass up since I was in the area.  Of the three cities on this trip, I enjoyed Riga the most due to the people I met and the lack of tourists compared to Tallinn…

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