Beyonce Reveals: ‘I Was 195 Pounds When I Gave Birth’ To Blue Ivy

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Beyonce revealed that she was 195 pounds at her heaviest when she gave birth to Blue Ivy, and she worked hard to lose the baby weight! That’s precisely why she’s not afraid to flaunt her amazing body in her new videos. In the ‘Liberation’ segment of her ‘Self-Titled’ documentary, Bey also defends her sexy moves!

Beyonce experienced a total sexual re-awakening after giving birth to her now 1-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy. The mom revealed she dropped 65 pounds after giving birth to her daughter, and she wanted to show off her curves and sensual dance moves like she had before having her child. “Just because you become a mother doesn’t mean you lose who you are,” Beyonce said in her video segment, “Liberation.”

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Dwyane Wade: Baby With Mystery Ex Before Gabrielle Union Engagement

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The Miami Heat guard reportedly welcomed a baby boy with a mystery woman while he was on a break from his now-fiancée, actress Gabrielle Union. The couple have worked through the unexpected news, and are still excited to get married.

Dwyane Wade reportedly fathered a child with another woman he has known “for years” while he was on a break from his now-fiancée, Gabrielle Union. The pair just announced their engagement on Dec. 20, and Gabrielle is reportedly not letting the baby affect her desire to marry Dwyane.

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