Pacers’ George: Bulls’ Success Is ‘Jordan Era,’ This One Is Ours | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=games/pacers/2013/11/06/]
VIDEO:Paul George leads Pacers to big win over the Bulls

INDIANAPOLIS – Lance Stephenson slammed in a dunk late in the Indiana Pacers’ 97-80 victory over the Chicago Bulls, landed in the paint below and threw back his head, baying at the moon or just going primal. It was his 17th shot and his fifth basket, a ratio that rattled around his head all night.

But never quite rattled him.

“Aw, man, I let out so much anger when I did that dunk,” Stephenson said later, the 5-0 Pacers’ status secure as the NBA’s last remaining unbeaten team. “I’m just happy I stuck with it … I watched film all summer and I told myself I was going to be aggressive, and ‘If I ever have an off day, I’m going to keep pushing, keep shooting.'”

Stephenson, Indiana’s irrepressible shooting guard, missed his first seven shots Wednesday…

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