Life After Halloween

The Fashion Medley

___________THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS___________

The Royal Tenenbaums

___________TAXI DRIVER___________

Taxi Driver

___________ALMOST FAMOUS___________

Almost Famous

It is Halloween already and of course you don’t have any costumes because a) you’re sick of dressing up every year (not applicable for me since this is going to be the second year I’m celebrating it) b) you ran out of original costume ideas (see previous paranthesis) c) you couldn’t find a decent, non-tacky party to attend d) you don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on clothes you will never wear again or e) you thought you didn’t care about  halloween until right NOW.

As an outsider to the parade I always coveted people (couples, to be more accurate) who came up with contemporary ideas (that Florence and The Machine duo is, to this day, my favourite) so instead of dressing up as a somewhat scary or slutty individual I prefer channeling an iconic look – mostly because even…

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